Code structureΒΆ

Kurento Room is hosted on github:

The git repository contains a Maven project with the following modules:

  • kurento-room - reactor project
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-sdk - module that provides a management interface for developers of multimedia conferences (rooms) applications in Java.
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-server - Kurento’s own implementation of a room API, it provides the WebSockets API for the communications between room clients and the server.
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-client - Java library that uses WebSockets and JSON-RPC to interact with the server-side of the Room API. Can be used to implement the client-side of a room application.
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-client-js - Javascript library that acts as wrapper for several JS APIs (WebRTC, WebSockets, Kurento Utils). Can be used to implement the client-side of a room application.
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-demo - demonstration project, contains the client-side implementation (HTML, Javascript, AngularJS, lumx, graphic resources) and depends on the Room Server to provide the functionality required for group communications (the so-called rooms).
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-basicapp - basic demonstration project, similar to kurento-room-demo but with a lighter client-side implementation (without any Javascript frameworks).
  • kurento-room/kurento-room-test - a framework for functional tests of room applications. Required by tests from the demo and basicapp modules.